Real phoners done by real radio people. We are not actors, but we get the business of radio. Wouldn't it be nice to have real phoners? Where the caller doesn't sound "canned" or done by an actor? Sure it would. That's why you need us. We have over 30 years combined of on air major market experience of being on the air hosting our own shows. In fact, we are all currently on the air hosting our own shows.  The price for our services is up to YOU because we know how much making great radio means to you, so we want to help make great radio!  Certain markets are not available for our service because we are already in that market. Contact us to find out if we can be in YOUR market.

No Barter, No Trade...We Take Donations Only...No Contract!

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Radio Phoners By Real Radio People! 

Rob worked in St. Louis, Boston, Seattle and a bunch of other markets. He does great phoners, serious or goofy. Rob's been part of morning shows, played dozens of roles in phone calls and can play the part of an expert or Regular Guy for your bits.


Known for running high intensive phoners on her show,Nikki understands and gets what it takes to make a great phoner sound real. Nikki takes direction extremely well and follows your lead with added quick wit.
 Nikki has been on the air hosting shows in many amazing radio station including, WGH, WMZQ, WWWM, KDVU, KBWF, KKMG, KOB-FM, WBEE, and many more.

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